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Asics is a Japanese company that specializes in the production of affordable trainers for numerous different sporting uses. They were founded in 1949 and are currently based in Kobe, where their operations are overseen by the chairman, Kiyomi Wada.

Asics trainers are usually noticeable by their symbol being emblazoned on the side of them, which looks like an elongated 'A' that stretches from the middle of the trainer up to the ankle. They are usually plain in colour, although there are sometimes splashes of different shades around the shoe. This means that they are perfect for those that want a plain set of cheap trainers, in order to play sport in. In fact, when it comes to budget sport trainers, Asics are one of the most popular brands in the world, with annual revenue of about '1.7 billion in 2010' of which about 66% came from their shoe division.

When it comes to performance, Asics trainers are well-known for being durable and perfect for those that want a pair of trainers with no fancy additions. Many runners love their shoes for the comfort that they provide, mainly due to the cushioned soles and sturdy backing for the foot. Of all of the shoes that Asics sell, the vast majority are to people that are in need of something that sports substance over style, and this is the area in which Asics trainers have made their name.

Asics also manage to keep their customer base very happy through the fact that they produce men's trainers and women's trainers, as well as a large range for children as well. This means that everyone is always able to find an Asics design that suits them, regardless of their sex or age. In fact, Asics trainers are very popular for school children to wear, mainly due to the fact that they are affordable and can therefore be easily replaced by parents for very little cost.

As previously stated, the Asics brand of trainers very much concentrates on people that wish to use their trainers for running, although they do also produce special ranges for other types of sport as well. They produce specialist cricket shoes that are well regarded by professional players, as well as shoes built especially for tennis, football, basketball and golf. With their huge experience in the industry, they always build these shoes to the best specifications, while also keeping the cost of them to buy at a very low price.