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G-Star is a company founded in Holland who has made a name for themselves in the men's trainers and in the women's trainers markets. They have been functioning for over 20 years now and in this time have built up a solid understanding of exactly what people want and of how to give it to them. Although they are often considered to be highly fashionable and desirable to those that love to follow fashion, they have still been able to produce affordable trainers that nearly everyone can buy.

It is the fashion aspect that has made G-Star such a popular company, especially with the younger generation in Europe. Their trainers and other pieces of clothing have often appeared on catwalks and in other fashion shows, which has elevated their status and therefore made their products extremely desirable to the fashion conscious. With a cosmopolitan feel, they are mostly seen around the larger cities of the world, although they are starting to become more prevalent in every aspect of society.

The design of a pair of G-Star trainers is usually subtle and therefore most of the trainers that they produce don't contain large amounts of colour or large logos. What they do well though is to mix different shades of the same colour into one design and therefore produce something that has an understated style - therefore making them perfect to be worn with many different outfits throughout the year.

G-Star are also known for their comfort, although they are not meant to be worn for sport or other activities, meaning that their trainers don't have some of the features that trainers from Nike or Adidas possess. When walking around though the material is of good quality - therefore stopping it from rubbing - while the soles are usually thick and comfortable for the feet.

G-Star is a company that is only going to get bigger as they continue to expand and introduce new lines into their trainer collection. Should their product line manage to spread out of Europe and into other areas, they will have a lot more income with which to continue to develop some of the most cutting edge trainers on the planet - something that is great for those that spend their lives following new fashion trends.

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