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Onitsuka Tiger are a footwear company who were originally founded in Japan in 1949. Since their inception they have been bought by another Japanese trainer company Asics who are now their parent company. Originally this company was formed with the intention of providing top-class shoes to athletes in the fields of basketball and athletics. Since then though they have branched out and now create shoes for both sport and casual wear.

Although Onitsuka Tiger trainers were popular almost as soon as they launched, their major breakthrough came with the release of their Mexico 66 line of trainers. These were striped and were a massive success with those that liked running. The main line of Onitsuka Tiger trainers now hark back to the golden days of their design, with Asics rereleasing many of the old designs to cash in on the desire for retro products.

It is this retro appeal that is the main draw towards this brand mainly in the sphere of men's trainers. The designs are often very different from the ones created by the other main footwear manufacturers, therefore meaning that the person who buys them can feel like they have a unique product on their feet. In addition to this, Onitsuka Tiger also makes highly affordable trainers, meaning that everyone is able to purchase a pair should they wish. It isn't often that trainers are both stylish and cheap, but this is certainly the case when it comes to this Japanese brand.

Onitsuka Tiger trainers are also renowned for being very comfortable, which has become even more apparent since they were taken over by Asics. This is because Asics have been able to bring their expertise in the field and therefore tweak the different aspects of the trainers to make them even better than they were before. This means that both those using these trainers for sport and those wearing them casually can benefit from increased comfort - which is surely the most important aspect to any piece of footwear.

Altogether, the Onitsuka Tiger brand is one that is highly affordable yet very stylish, meaning that a pair of trainers from this company is perfect for nearly everyone. They might not be the largest company in the industry, nor the most well-known, but they certainly punch above their weight when it comes to the trainers that they produce.