Which Boot Brand Has Scored the Most Goals in the Premier League?

Most trainer and football boot fanatics have their favourite go-to brand when it comes to deciding which trainers or boots to buy for the upcoming season. So which boots and brands have scored most Premier League goals this 2015/16 season?

At Express Trainers, we’ve taken a closer look to find out which boots have been the footwear of choice for players this season.

Our results show that Nike is leading the way when it comes to what players are wearing, with 63% of the Barclay’s Premier League’s top goalscorers wearing Nike boots. Adidas came a not-so-close second, followed by Puma, New Balance and Mizuno.

Which boot brand has scored most Premier League goals?


Unsurprisingly, this also translates into the number of goals scored, with 65% of goals scored by players who wear Nike boots.


Which boot brand has scored most Premier League goals? Nike, Adidas, Puma

(Above: Which boot brand has scored most Premier League goals?)

However, what may be surprising is the absence of Nike when it comes to the sponsorship of club kit, with Nike sponsoring just 5% of team kits.

Barclay's Premier League Kit Sponsors



So now we know which brands are dominating the Barclay’s Premier League table, we’ve gone one step further to see which model of boot is the boot-of-choice for each of the top scorers. These results have been taken from week 31 of the Premier League season and show which boot brand has scored most Premier League goals this year.

Table 1


Based on the statistics overall, the Nike Hypervenom and Mercurial or Adidas X15 look to be the best scoring football boots, with the highest volume of players choosing these boots, and averaging a high number of goals scored. This makes them an ideal goal striker’s boot.

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