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Everlast is a company that was originally set up in 1910 in New York, with the express intention of supplying swimming suits to those that were avid swimmers. They soon became more associated with the boxing industry though, which is the area that they are still most active in now. Despite this, they do currently produce a large line of affordable trainers, many of which are selling out almost as quickly as they can be made.

Due to the fact that this is a clothing company that has grown out of a love for sport, it is unsurprising to know that the product that they produce are geared towards performance, although that isn't to say that they don't look great as well. This means that comfort is seen as the main factor, along with the ability to support the ankle no matter how much strain is put on it. In fact, the items made by Everlast are so highly regarded in this field that they were awarded the prize for Best Technical Equipment Brand by the World MMA Association in 2010.

When it comes to how the trainers look, there has definitely been a conscious decision made that less is more. This is because the vast majority of the trainers only feature one or two colours, as well as the brand name never being really prominently displayed. In the future though expect that the company will branch out into more extreme designs in a bid to keep up with the big boys, such as Adidas and Nike.

While Everlast aren�t the first name on most people�s lips when they want to buy a new pair of men�s trainers or women�s trainers, they are fast rising in popularity � mainly due to their association with different sporting franchises and stars. As well as making regular appearances on the television shows �The Contender� and �The Biggest Loser�, they also sponsor Randy Couture, who is the most famous MMA fighter of all time. This has led to fans of these sports and shows wanting to own the affordable trainers that this company produces.

As can be seen, although they are not the biggest, Everlast are certainly one of the best. They combine practicality with an understated style and should certainly be considered by everyone looking for new trainers in the near future.