Nike Air Max Trainers – The First, the Original

In 1987, Nike Inc. released its very first footwear line, and the famous Nike Air Max trainers were born…

Nike Air Max Trainers – The First, the Original

Since the release of the Nike Air Max trainers in 1987, the collection has proved to be a favourite amongst its users year after year. Those who are loyal to the range have waited each season for the newest and latest creations to be added to the line. Nike Air Max trainers don’t go out of fashion – they create new fashion with each design.

Updated Models Year After Year

The collection can offer Nike fans new designs every year, so Nike Air Max trainers will never fade into the background. Each new model can bring the brand back up to date, leading the fashions in modern footwear. Fitting in perfectly with hip hop and street culture, this popular sports and fashion brand is innovative and fresh.

The Nike Air Max trainers are famed for the large air cushioning unit that can be visible from the heel. Over the years, there has been development in the types of cushioning available, including Air Max 2, Tube Air, Total Air, Tuned Air and Zoom Air. All these different types of cushions can help to improve comfort, shock absorption and performance. Whether you need the right shoe for solo training, group sports, competitive sports, or for everyday use, you will find all the right features in the first, the original – and still to this day – the best. Still as a popular as they were over twenty years ago, these trainers make the perfect footwear for all purposes.

The Science Behind Nike Air Max Trainers: How Do They Work?

Sport can have an adverse effect on your body. The brutal, repetitive force of physical activity can “wreak havoc on the body” as the makers of Nike put it. This directly impacts on your level of performance and output. This is why you need Nike Air Max. Trainers should support you, whatever your activity may be. Nike Air Max trainers can provide you maximum impact cushioning – the cushion is engineered to give you maximum protection against impact. Disseminating the force evenly across the surface area and cushioning the blow, you can benefit from increased comfort and reduced pain.

Not only can you expect top performance from this range, but you can trust that the very first footwear line ever to have been launched by Nike Inc. has earned respect as an iconic piece of footwear over time. Because of the cushion, Nike Air Max trainers are extremely popular in hip hop culture and among hardcore/techno fans.

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