Puma Mens Trainers - The Vision

Four keys open up a world to sporting perfection, and it’s these main principles that make Puma mens trainers a favourite with athletes and sporting professionals today.

Puma Mens Trainers - The Vision

Puma mens trainers have been innovating and changing the world of sports footwear. In 1920, Rudolf Dassler started making sports shoes with his brother Adolf. In 1948, the PUMA company was established and the brothers launched their very first shoe, named The Atom. Today, the company has a staff count of 9,204 employees and Puma mens trainers are amongst the most popular in sportswear shops and chain across the globe.

Puma mens trainers are recognised by the easily identifiable feline logo, which expresses movement, physical strength, agility and speed. This mentality filters down to all its wearers and the footwear by this brand is acclaimed for its high end athletic equipment and sportswear.

Puma Mens Trainers: The Footballer’s Choice

The brand has found success from a highly established and well thought out vision. Puma mens trainers have become the choice for many footballers and has a long history of sponsoring teams across the world. Known for its deep association with football, the brand has been worn by famous football legends, from Pelé, Eusébio to Johan Cruijff, and from Enzo Francescoli, Maradona to Gianluigi Buffon.

As well as having strong connections to the footballing world, Puma mens trainers have also been worn by the fastest man in the world, Usain Bolt. With three gold medals, Usain Bolt has been championing the brand and is products with his success in the Olympics. But this success didn’t come from nowhere. This all began with a vision. This vision still lives on today.

The Puma Vision: The Four Keys to Brand Success

PUMAVision is the initiative which drives the company forward to produce the best footwear possible. These keys, also known as ‘brand values’ are:

 Fair - Puma mens trainers do no discriminate. The brand does not make judgements. Whatever your race, religion, gender, age, products will work to enhance your way of living.
 Honest - this is a sincere brand who walk the walk. They don’t just talk the talk. If they say you’re getting durability, speed and shock resistance, expect nothing less.
 Positive - constructive is the only way they work. There will always be solutions for your problems.
 Creative - All Puma mens trainers or footwear for women are made with imagination and creativity.

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