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Rockport is a company that specializes in the production of boots and was founded in 1971 in Massachusetts. It currently has stores in 67 different countries around the world and is a subsidiary of the German company Adidas � although it was previously part of the Reebok empire.

Rockport boots are most known for being extremely durable and therefore for being perfect for many different outdoor activities. These include hiking, mountain climbing and they are even used by many different sailors throughout the world � including the Mascalzone hydrosail team. This large range of uses means that these boots are often perfect for those that are looking for something that they can use across disciplines, therefore meaning that they don�t need to spend huge amounts of money buying specific kit for each of their interests.

Rockport boots produce both men�s boots and women�s boots, although women do often prefer to purchase ones from the men�s collection � especially if they are looking for something to use in an outdoor pursuit. The women�s boots do have one great feature though, in that a lot of them are machine washable � something that the larger boots aren�t.

When it comes to the style of Rockport boots, the company has clearly been determined to inject some flair and colour into the boots that they produce. Many of the designs sport loud reds and yellows on them � although it is possible to purchase ones that are plainer. The women�s designs also include some nice features, such as boating style shoes that are still suitable for use on the mountainside or on the hiking trail.

The reason that these boots can be so good for outdoor activities stretches way beyond the simple fact that they are durable though. The material that is used on the boots is often designed to provide the wearer with great ventilation, while also having the ability to be waterproof � something that is very important when climbing a wet and windy mountain. The soles also have lots of grip, while the lacing pattern ensures that the boots fit on tightly while also being comfortable.

Rockport boots are nearly always perfect for those that want to head into the wilderness and challenge themselves against the elements. They can be bought from a number of different stores around the world, but for the best deals on Rockport boots always choose Express Trainers.