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Sketchers is a company that was formed in 1992 and that specializes in producing trainers for a worldwide market. Since their inception they have grown to become a company that is well-recognized around the world � mainly due to the huge amount of time and energy that they have spent in advertising their products.

Most people are aware of Sketchers trainers due to the celebrities that have endorsed them on television adverts. These include the likes of Britney Spears, Robert Downey Jr., The Black Eyed Peas and Christina Aguilera. This has ensured that Sketchers trainers have become one of the main choices of footwear for the younger generation.

The trainers that Sketchers produce are mainly targeted towards those that buy shoes in the name of fashion. They are not a company that has a large line of trainers that are directly used for sports, although they have been endorsed by a few athletes, with the most notable of these being the ice hockey superstar Wayne Gretzky and the legend that is Joe Montana. As stated though, most Sketchers shoes don�t have much use when it comes to sporting pursuits though.

When it comes to the design of the men�s trainers and the women�s trainers that Sketchers produce, they are usually very recognizable and almost all come with the Sketchers symbol on the side of the trainers. The designs are often targeted at a younger audience, with the colours used often being bright and having a number of different contrasting shades. For those that want a more subtle trainer though, there are a few options though, most of which are brown and come in a false leather effect.

Sketchers also owns a number of different brands who all create their own shoes as well. These brands include Shape-Ups, Sketchers Kids and Zoo York. The latter of these is mainly aimed at the skating crowd and is part of Sketcher�s attempts to enter the skateboarding market. A lot of these designs take other company�s products and then modify them, ensuring that they keep the best features while also adding in a number of extra attributes as well.

As can be seen, Sketchers trainers are one of the most fashionable affordable trainers brands around, with a fan base around the world. They can generally be bought in most stores throughout the world, as well as having a massive presence in the world of e-commerce.