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If ever a brand knew how to reinvent itself it must surely be Converse. The iconic Converse All Star trainer has been around since 1908 but it really started to make its mark in the basketball world with the arrival of Chuck Taylor in the 1920's. The 40's and 50's saw the high top Converse sneaker become a fashion statement for the age of rock & roll and, by the 1980's and 1990's, Converse was back on the basketball courts with a vengeance! Since the beginning of the 21st century, Converse has become a fashion statement all over again! As many designer trainers strive to embrace more sci-fi styling, Converse has retained its essential, original character. The Converse no-nonsense approach is typified in their descriptions of the trainers: simply Converse All Star Lo Junior, Converse All Star Lo Senior, Converse All Star Hi Junior and Converse All Star Hi Senior. Express Trainers now give you the chance to buy these amazing retro style trainers with masses of 2010 street cred!