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Adidas & Converse Style

Converse All Star Chuck Taylor and the Adidas Shell-toe take me back to the 70's. I remember, stick ball in the yard until the streetlights came on, and lazy summer nights at the local hang-out, we used to call them "chucks and forms," back then. I actually met my wife, while wearing my favorite pair of black and white Adidas Shell-toe! I can clearly recall Run D-MC jamming on the stage of my first concert and everyone in the crowd shouting at the top of their lungs "MY ADIDAS",after that song it seemed the Adidas craze was on the move, and everyone who was anyone, was wearing a fresh pair of Adidas. In 1976, we all believed the Converse All Stars running shoe gave Irving Johnson his "magic," and if you wanted the magic you needed the shoe.
The Adidas style running sneakers, were built for comfort and fashion. Gone are the days of the traditional black, white, and blue. "My Adidas," now feature many new styles and colors to fit any mood or style. The Converse All Star now comes in bubble gum pink for my 3 year old, checkered red an white for my son the varsity champion, and my wife even found a gray pair with a pocket! Adidas style have evolved over time to meet the needs of my growing family, and provided absolute comfort and fashion along the way. I guess you could call us an Adidas family with a Converse style.

Adidas and Converse style sneakers are available at a wide variety of retail stores. You can even pick up a pair from the comfort of your own home, checkout your online Adidas and Converse style options. Most retailer websites allow you to have your Adidas and Converse delivered directly to your home for a fraction of the price that you would pay in stores. Conveniently eliminating the hassles of long lines, and rude salespeople, you can shop for your Adidas Converse Style with the click of a mouse. So what are you waiting for, how many more reasons do you need to revisit the good ole days?
Step back into comfort and the classically casual fit of Adidas and Converse.