For the clothing brand Adidas it's all about attitude.

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Adidas Attitude
Brand messages at Adidas conjure up positivity, mental strength, and a winning attitude. A big part of the Adidas brand is in the name. Created by Adi Dassler the Adidas brand is both a play on his name as well as an acroynym.
The Adidas acronym stands for "All Day I Dream About Sports." This suggests a happy attitude towards sports. It also conjures up images of a true love of the game and the capacity to use visualization and dreaming to improve mental strength and mental attitude.

Another iconic tag line for the Adidas brand is "Impossible is Nothing". The most famous Adidas ad with this tagline in it features renowned boxer Muhammad Ali. Believing that everything is achievable takes a very individualized attitude. A wide majority of kids dream of becoming professional athletes but most don't fully believe they could and so they don't bring the right attitude to their training. The ones that make it often remark that positive attitude and a true belief in themselves propelled them to work as hard as they can and achieve their goals. It is this very message that is captured in the "Impossible is Nothing" slogan for Adidas.

Many criticize Nike's branding for sponsoring bad-boys amongst their top athletes, as well as very competitive individualistic slogan "Just Do It". Adidas, on the other hand, has kept their positive attitude in all aspects of their branding, including "Basketball is a Brotherhood". From a marketing standpoint Adidas has created a structured approach, that on all fronts and across all sub brands is projecting a positive attitude about sports and achieving goals.

Why all the happiness? At the Portland Campus, which is the Adidas US headquarters, their is icy cold beer on tap in the marketing department 24/7. Perhaps this is where all the happiness stems form. Although Adidas claims the taps are only in use after four pm.