If you are hard core sneaker lover, you will see these as a must cop for your collection.

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Designers at Adidas have been hard at it and the results are breathtaking indeed. Up their tools went and when they were downed, the fabulous Adidas Gazelle Beige were born. You have no reason at all to call these kicks ugly; they are simply off the hook � the main reason why they are swaying votes and love from sneaker heads all over. If you are hard core sneaker lover, you will see these as a must cop for your collection. If sneakers don�t make your cup of tea, it is very appropriate if you just passed these. The colour combination, designs and fabrics used are simply the bomb.

As if growing from the ground, the Adidas Gazelle Beige starts off on beige sole that rises a few millimetres before eating into the upper. The sneaker features a predominant white upper with the usual three stripes characteristic of Adidas kicks. From the frontal, the first stripe comes in green, with the second stripe being white while the third being red. The frontal is strong and sturdy and features a T-design. This sneaker is a typical of any classic. The sole is well treated for superb grip. For comfort, the inner is well cushioned. To top it all, the sneakers ship with pure white laces.

These kicks were launched for the very first time in 1968 solely as training kicks for the cr�me d'athletes. The Adidas Gazelle Beige sneakers were first tested by handball players before they curved a deeper niche further afield. Football fans picked up these kicks followed by hip hop superstars of 1980s before the Brit pop groups later in 1990. Oasis was a good example of such pop groups.

Relive the past with a pair of Adidas Gazelle Beige for your wardrobe. They shall surely rock your look.