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Black always looks good on shoes but on Adidas gazelle black, the look is simply breathtaking.

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Black always looks good on shoes but on Adidas gazelle black, the look is simply breathtaking. The kicks are a clear indication of how well designers are doing their work. If you lack a pair of black sneakers, these would make a good start. They will most certainly look good with whatever you've donned, that�s the amazing power of black. Sneaker heads all over are reeling from the effect of these kicks. The Adidas gazelle black are set in their own class; special colours, designs and a mix of retro styles and contemporary modern. Even if you hate sneakers, these shoes will strike you as superb.

Running low, Adidas gazelle black are suited for whatever terrain you face on your typical day. With superior grip, thanks to well treaded sole, you will feel comfortable and safe wherever you are. These kicks are engineered to be sturdy, strong and yet visually appealing. You will look as good traversing the wild as you would look hanging out around your block.

Down to basics: the shoe builds up from a reliable man-made white rubber shoe sole. An inch above the ground, the sole dives into the leather and suede upper. The Adidas gazelle black features a predominantly black upper. On the side panels, almost to the frontal, the kicks feature the white leads common on Adidas sneakers. On the ankle area, just above the ankle and next to the last stripe, you will find �Gazelle� well embroidered diagonally.

The inner of the shoe is white in colour. It is professionally stuffed for maximum comfort and safety. On the tongue, you will find a magnificent Adidas logo. The top of the heel panel features a white capping. Out to the front the sneakers feature the classical T � design. To top it all, the shoe features pure white laces.