Mens Designer Trainers: What Do They Say About You?

The clothes we fashion and the shoes that we wear can say a lot about us – can your choice in mens designer trainers really reveal a sneaky peek into your sole?

Mens Designer Trainers: What Do They Say About You?

Despite the cheap pun, your choice in mens designer trainers can really say a lot about you, your lifestyle, your income, your social status, your personality – and it could even give away a few clues as to what your favourite pastimes may be. Are you a cool surfer dude who drinks beer out of a bottle and loves living life to the max? Are you a fashion conscience working man who loves to watch a bit of Sunday afternoon footy in the local pub? Or are you a creative genius who carries a spray can in your pocket (just in case) who loves to express every thought and emotion through the medium of art (in any form)?

Whatever you are, whoever you are, choosing the right mens designer trainers is important to your image and your communication.

You Don’t Even Have to Say a Word…

Non verbal communication accounts for around 80% of all communication. So 80% of the time, you are projecting an image, your thoughts and your emotions, all through body language and the way that you carry yourself. This includes that clothing and footwear that we choose to put on every single morning. If your body is a blank canvas, then you are creating your own personal artwork each and every day. And footwear – whether it be a polished pair of leather shoes, your beach flip flops, or mens designer trainers, your feet shouldn’t be forgotten.

If you have a clear image, it’s most likely that the trainers you choose are already speaking volumes for you. Bright colours can suggest that you have a fun side, simple designs and shades can reflect the preference for minimalism, and diverse range in your entire collection can show others that you have multifaceted – someone who takes pleasure from so many different areas of life, perhaps? It’s all in the eye of the beholder, but the way you choose your mens designer trainers can say a lot to the people you meet.

Who Would Choose Mens Designer Trainers in the First Place?

Over current years, fashion has witnessed a big divide between throwaway garments and good quality buys. A man who chooses mens designer trainers can suggest that they are interested in quality, rather than quantity. Maybe a man who invests money (and time) on things he really cares about, rather than all the little things? There are so many ways to look at it, but mens designer trainers can offer quality over economy pricing. Over time, this is the most economical way to shop.

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