Sports Giants Branding Success Stories

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Sports Giants Branding Success Stories

Adidas and Nike are two companies whose success lies in large part due to the strength of their advertising and branding success. Nike is the world leader in market share. Adidas is a very close second place. Although for a long time Nike has seemed untouchable in the sports apparel space, after the much touted Adidas/Reebok merger Nike can feel the sting of Adidas nipping at their heels.

Marketing students study Nike and try to grasp what the essence of the Nike brand truly is. Of course when you think of Nike, top names like Michael Jordan, Pete Sampras, and Tiger Woods come to mind. Also the swoosh is legendary, from a simple design sold to Nike (way back in its Eugene Oregon Haydays) to the most recognized symbol in sports it is today. Nike also has a history of sponsoring controversial stars, and many loud mouthed bad-boys.

Nike has focused most of its advertising on individual superstars. Adidas has done similarly for the most point, but in solidifying its basketball branding Adidas focused on a team marketing plan. Their tag-line "Basketball is a Brotherhood" creates a very team centered harmonious feel. In comparison Nike's blanket slogan "Just Do It" is much more individual focused.

Both brands have launched very successful customized lines. Nike has the Nike Custom line, wheras Adidas has mi adidas. Both allow you to pick your shoe, add custom text, pick your color scheme, and in some cases pick your choice of materials. Both companies allow you to preview your shoe designs online. Save your favorites and share them with your friends before purchase to get their opinion.

Across all borders and languages both the Nike Swoosh and Adidas Stripes are clearly recognized brands. An logo or image can create a brand identity. Companies have been seen using the Customized Nike and Adidas lines to create company shoes and their own set of branding. Sports teams also use the lines to create their own team shoes.