The Adidas Gazelle trainer is part of the wildly popular "Adidas Originals" collection.

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The Adidas Gazelle trainer is part of the wildly popular "Adidas Originals" collection. The Adidas Gazelle trainer itself was launched in 1968 as an all purpose training shoe. Over the years, it has acquired something of an iconic status both in its original incarnation and with the Gazelle 2.

The design is simple and classic, with none of the bulbous cushioning that disfigures so many modern trainers. Materials are all natural leather, softest suede uppers, and real rubber soles. It is no exaggeration to say that the Adidas Gazelle trainer fits like a glove. And, of course, the whole thing is topped off with the wonderful trademark triple stripes that speak volumes to those who have experienced the Adidas difference.

What am I on about, you ask? The difference is just this: Adidas designs shoes with real people, real feet, and real sports in mind. The result is the perfect blend of comfort, utility, and understated style. And in this regard, the Adidas Gazelle trainer is no exception. In fact, this venerable oldster of the trainer universe pretty much originated and set the standard for those that would later follow.

Equally important to many people is price. Luckily, the Adidas Gazelle trainer won't disappoint them. Prices are very reasonable as is typical of Adidas shoes. Even here, Adidas makes it clear that they are in it for the long haul. They don't need to overcharge because they know you'll be back. They know that once you try on a set of Adidas Gazelle trainers or one of their other trainers, you'll be hooked. That is exactly why they are still selling trainers that go back 40 years and more, because they have enough sense to leave well enough alone. Or, as some have put it, if it isn't broken, don't fix it.

The Adidas Gazelle trainer certainly isn't broken and as long as Adidas doesn't break the mould, we can all rest a little easier at night!