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Womens Lacoste trainers and shoes

This is a brand that is synonymous with style - at a price. But with our womens Lacoste trainers sale you can enjoy the best of both worlds: high design, at a low price.

Lacoste trainers background

Lacoste is a French company founded in 1933, who are a leader in the men's trainers market. They are headquartered in France, although they have stores and other sales outlets throughout the world. The shoes and clothes that are produced by Lacoste are most recognizable due to the crocodile logo that is placed on every single one. Although they are seen as an affordable trainers company, they are also well known for the high quality trainers that they produce.

When it comes to sport, Lacoste trainers are most often seen on the tennis court, along with the t-shirts and other apparel that they produce. Some of the famous stars to have worn Lacoste products include Andy Roddick and Stanislas Wawrinka. The other sport that has a large association with Lacoste is golf, where both Colin Montgomery and Jose Maria Olazabal have both been seen wearing Lacoste trainers.

The Lacoste brand is also associated with many stylish trainers that are worn for casual use, as they are often the perfect accompaniment for shorts and polo shirts. They have a classically stylish look and are therefore often worn by those men with a more understated style. Generally the trainers only incorporate a couple of colours, in contrast to companies like Nike, who often have bright and contrasting colours on their products. Nike and Adidas aren't really seen as competitors to Lacoste though, as they are generally in competition with brands such as Diesel and Fred Perry.

For men that need to purchase a pair of affordable trainers, Lacoste can be a perfect choice. Although they certainly aren't on the bottom rung when it comes to being cheap, they are still very much affordable to most people. They are also incredibly well made, which means that they last for a long time and don't need to be replaced very often which means they are perfect for the man who hates shoe shopping.

Womens Lacoste trainers are also exceedingly comfortable, meaning that they can be worn for extended periods of time, which is great for those that decide to wear them on the golf course or for those that like to take long walks in the country. This comfort is mainly achieved through the use of a good quality canvas material and also through having a flexible yet strong sole.

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