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Henleys is recognised as one of the fastest moving brands that present a great selection of classic casual footwear. With their simple trendy designs and comfortable fit, men’s Henleys shoes are perfect for understated street style that always stays up-to-date. Express Trainers supplies a wide range of Henleys footwear, including Henleys boots and Henleys trainers, in a variety of colours so you can stay sophisticated and stylish every time you wear them.

Henleys started out in the heart of Manchester, UK when the brand’s creator wanted to design a cheaper alternative to what he called “expensive clobber.” Aspiring to remain fashionable but for half the cost, Henleys continued to make modern but cheap men's shoes. The brand soon became one of the fastest growing companies of its time, producing high-quality Henleys footwear and clothing for both men and women.

Express Trainers always supplies Henleys trainers and Henleys boots for the best price, and we even offer free delivery when you spend over £75. If you’re looking for cool men’s footwear that continues to move with the times, buy Henley’s shoes from Express Trainers. Or if you want even cheaper prices, check out the trainers sale and find men's Henleys shoes and boots with an extra 30% off!